Jun 25th, 2012
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From June 25th photo stroll.
Mar 27th, 2012
Mar 21st, 2012
Cubic Comfort - 55|365 (by Chanel Elise)

This is my comfort zone. My 8’ x 7’ cubicle of a room. Filled with tea, crochet projects, candles, good music, and a fish named Spock. My thoughts may be a mess and my world may fall apart, but as long as I have a small place to call my own I might just be okay.
Mar 21st, 2012
Feb 15th, 2012
Feb 15th, 2012
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Feb 15th, 2012
Winter’s Advancing - 48|365 (by Catch.&.Release)
Feb 15th, 2012
S e a - 50|365 (by Catch.&.Release)
Feb 15th, 2012
B.r.e.a.k - 51|365 (by Catch.&.Release)
Feb 15th, 2012
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Jan 29th, 2012
Jan 3rd, 2012
Dec 21st, 2011
Nov 20th, 2011
November 20th:

Hello everyone (and a big thank you to all my new followers…. a welcome surprise!)

Pretty bummed about my new Sprocket Lomography camera. was looking forward to those vintage-looking panorama shots but unfortunately the workers at my local film lab are big liars and couldn’t do the job they said they could… so I’m on a hunt for a lab that has a scanner large enough to develop 120mm film… (even though my camera uses 35mm, it’s the best i’m going to get if i want the whole image in the shot!)

I thought i’d share a snippet of what it will look like.. although the images are spiced together, and a horribly uneven develop job is visible. What can you do I guess! This is two of the shots without the sprocket holes as a border…

Nov 17th, 2011
34|365 - G l a z e d (by Catch.&.Release)